About Me

My name is Devika Tamang. I am a qualified Stretch Therapy instructor and a trained Yoga teacher. I teach both topics in a South London gym and also run my own private Stretch Therapy classes.

I came to Stretch Therapy initially as part of my search for a way of dealing with a recurrent shoulder injury that was hampering my yoga practice. What I found was not only a way of dealing with my injury, but also a means to radically improve my body’s flexibility and resilience, providing me with a route to significant improvements in my Yoga practice, where progress had previously plateaued. My Yoga became joyous and pain-free.

Impressed with the changes brought about in my own body through stretching I decided to train as a professional Stretch Therapy teacher. I am now a passionate advocate of stretching as a core part of exercise routines for everyone, be they professional athletes or weekend warriors who want to improve performance, people wanting to recover from injury, or anyone, regardless of age or physical condition, who wants to regain some flexibility and find joy in movement.